In these damp and foggy winter days, one of the challenges that women have to fight every day is to your own hair.

The good news is that to easily overcome it and keep the perfect fold longer enough of small attentions. We discover such as:

1. Sleep on a silk pillow: ensures the hair a bright look and avoids the annoying frizz.


2. Stock up on fruits and vegetables: the hair is a reflection of what we eat and, in order to appear stronger and shiny, they need vitamins B, C, E.


3. Do not wrap in the towel wet hair for too long. Moisture promotes frizz.


4. Do not rub your hair: to remove the excess water is good to learn to pat with the towel without rubbing, even the skin will benefit from it!


5. Apply thermal protectors before drying: protect hair from high temperatures, maintain proper hydration and promote the yield of the fold.


6. Use the hairdryer with the spout Login: makes the drying more precise and controlled the flow of heat blocking moisture.

7. Use plates and professional irons: maintain a constant temperature without stressing your hair too.


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