Why do I choose:

To learn new styling techniques, turning his hands into the instrument capable of shaping the hair as a subject, and create art. Learn new proposals for crops and hairstyles, to make hair protagonists and refined for even the most elegant ceremonies.



Differentiate in hairdressing services and specialize in wedding ceremony, to turn every woman in fairy icon and diva.



Owners and employees with experience in the hairdressing world who want to find new artistic inspirations.


Why do I choose:

Immerse yourself in the colors of a picturesque location and dive in the tropical atmosphere of the island of eternal spring. To live a unifying, with colleagues, family and friends, relax and recharge your batteries.



Living a mix of experiences: relaxation, entertainment, leisure and comparison. unspoiled island, a mixture of beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature, colorful open spaces and unforgettable sunsets in the ocean waiting to be conquered by the eyes and the heart. A fine sand connects the land and the crystalline sea of ​​spectacular backdrops.


Why do I choose:

To approach the world of the beauty of the body and hair from the holistic point of view. Understanding the links between:

- Psyche & Beauty our mind influences our way of life. Approach the well being from a holistic point of view, of the whole body and mind, to achieve a proper maintenance of the psycho-physical well-being as a whole.

- Naturopathy & Beauty understand how to detoxify, balance, purify, energize the body and mind, living in harmony with the natural rhythms, knowing the most common naturopathic practices. Learn massage techniques, know the nerve centers and reflexology lines, to relax and oxygenate tissues improving the capillary beauty.



Enhance their skills and bring back to living knowledge capable of differentiating from competitors and transform the figure of hairdressers in a global beauty consultant. recipients: Holders who wish to approach the world of cosmetics capillary according to a holistic approach.


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