Why do I choose: To understand and deepen the male market, interpreting the modern requirements, with the proposal to look trendy and unique. Learn new fashion proposals and cutting lines immediately playable on the show male customers following the continuous renewal of the trend.


Aims: Enriched with new stylistic proposals valued by the fair use of styling products and finish: to capture the male market emerging and evolving. Acquiring the methods and techniques to make male stylistic services that meet the man.


Recipients: Owners and employees with experience in the male stylistic world that want to acquire new fashion proposals.


Why do I choose: To get to know and realize all the services of the beard world. Increase the price of the male services following the market trends. Realize the care rituals and cosmetic treatment, learn the different forms of beard achievable based on the morphology. regulating services, contours and perimeters definition, realization and care goatees and mustaches to the shaving techniques.


Aims: Increase the salon business through the care of the beard services shapes and volumes, mustache and goatee. Build on the expertise from the world of the hair care cosmetics to exploit them in all the most popular and trendy men's services.


Recipients: Owners and employees with experience in the menswear market who want to specialize in all services ancillary to the world of trendy beard / mustache.


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