Technical Courses



Why do I choose: To study and learn about the world of Fancy Colour, by fluo nuances to the nuances battered. Learn three new proposals for color effects inspired by the latest hair trends and fashion. Learn a work methodology that allows to exploit the technical world of Fancy color, to release the desire to change the most demanding clients, and always looking for something new.


Aims: Enrich the skills needed to cope in the world of the most extreme salon fresh look. Acquire the knowledge and techniques to carry out modern technical services and able to differentiate from competitors.


recipients: Owners and employees who wish to broaden the world of colors Fancy.



Why do I choose: To investigate the technical issues, taking advantage of the infinite possibilities of technical services. Discover and learn how to get technical / chemical formulation for ever achieve color guaranteed results in the lounge.


Aims: Familiarise yourself with the Brelil color lines and complementary products, ensuring in the salon the best result for each customer. Unlocking the secrets of the world of the mixtures and the reorganization of all the nuances, to optimize warehouse management and purchasing.


Recipients: Owners and employees who wish to acquire all the knowledge on Brelil colors.


Why do I choose: To understand the strengths and weaknesses of the world of cosmetic coloring to exploit it in all its potential. Open a window to the world of advanced technical services: from discoloration to pickling, by mordenzature to re-pigmentation and prepigmentazioni.


Aims: Learning how to handle difficult cases that arrive each day in the living room look like the major changes. Knowing how to always achieve the result desired color by customers, starting with the right technical diagnosis. In three months increase revenue and transform the business of color in the living room.


Recipients: Owners and employees with experience who want to specialize in the technical world.


Why do I choose: To learn 3 original and modular staining techniques. Adopt a working methodology and proposal that allows day to optimize the time of the technical work, to improve the profitability of the salons. Arise from the base of these techniques of personalized proposals to differentiate themselves from competitors.


Aims: Improve the development of the proposal and the technical expertise, speed up the work and adopt a methodology that is able to afford to have infinite variables, to propose in salon continuous innovations in terms of technical proposals and chromatic combinations.


Recipients: Owners and employees with experience who participated in the Color Specialist and wish to specialize in the technical world.


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