Face the winter is not pleasant, even for the hair! Rain, cold and wind can be particularly damaging to the hair, enough to make especially dry and dull on the lengths, difficult to comb and to keep in the fold.
Sudden temperature changes from cold to hot worsen even more the situation, facilitating tendency to break and to form split ends. So what to do?
You must not stay at home waiting for spring, but just a few tricks to have a soft and shiny hair. Here are 5 of Brelil tips.
1. Always protect your head from the cold and wind with a hat.
2. Choose those in wool and avoid synthetic fibers, which could make electric hair and dishes.
3. Dedicated to the hair careful and frequent care with rejuvenating products designed to restore tone, elasticity and shine, like Biotraitment Repair family.
4. Always apply conditioner after shampooing to strengthen the restructuring and nourishing action.
5. Avoid brush too vigorously to avoid further stress on the hair and collected prefer soft, preferably pinned with pins, ribbons or small springs. Rubber bands tend to break up the lengths.
Before going out on the lengths apply a few drops of a protective oil which, in addition to feeding and prevent the formation of split ends, encloses the hair from the cold and smog


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